Vasanth has been my personal trainer for the past 5 years.
His combined skills and experience as a fitness trainer and physiotherapist enable him to excel and be versatile in his profession.
He is creative, willing to learn, adaptive and very committed to his work.
He has been part of my health and fitness journey through my slip disc recovery, other injuries supporting me to even accomplish a short triathlon and a rowing challenge.
I wish him the very best in all his future endeavors.



testimonial by client saritha
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I have been taking physical fitness sessions from Vasant for about 8-months. I have always believed that physical fitness classes must be in person, and one cannot get desired results without it. To my chagrin, Vasanth proved me fully wrong.
I look much healthier and fit, I have lost 7 kgs in one year, You may see the difference in my picture one year ago and now, To be frank, we have made a few changes in our diet as well.
Vasanth is very dedicated to his profession. He watches our exercises very keenly and makes corrections. He does not compromise at any time like no shortcuts. He manages the time very well. All the sessions start on time and end on time. He sticks to the agreed schedules, the same time he is flexible.

In summary:
Physical fitness virtual sessions do work well. Having an exercise routine along with good diet would get you the desired results. By the way, I forgot to tell you, I am 58 years old, and Vasanth proved to me that the age is just a number. Good luck with your fitness journey and thank you for listening.


testimonial by client RAJU MACHARLA

I am 76 years old, i am a golf player, 
I Have been working with Vasanth at Physiofitzone since long time and i see very good results.


testimonial by client SARLA
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