Our Services

We strive to make quality physiotherapy accessible! We can help you reduce patient dependency on painkillers, prevent certain surgeries and considerably upgrade a person’s well-being.


We help you live healthy today, for tomorrow!

Online Physiotherapy consultation

We are committed to amplifying quality physiotherapy care accessibility through our state-of-the-art online platform and high-skilled practitioners

Physical therapy assessment

We provide a suitable and individualized treatment program post conducting an extensive analysis of all relevant information. We analyze core principles of musculoskeletal health, comprising tissue capacity, tissue tolerance, tissue homeostasis, and regional interdependence.

Geriatric physiotherapy

We provide our proven expertise in enhancing mobility and balance while building strength within older adults.

Orthopaedic physiotherapy

Our specially designed therapy approach is implemented to cater to diverse patient needs and deliver superior levels of patient-centric care with the promise of better outcomes. We leverage specific tools to help achieve cardiovascular and physical strength when encountered with osteoporosis, rheumatoid, scoliosis, fracture rehabilitation, ligament strain, sprain or tear, and surgical rehabilitation of the shoulder, hip, knee and foot.  

Preoperative and post-surgery rehabilitation

We create personalized exercise conditioning programs that can be utilized to improve joint mobility and a broad range of motions, preparing patients for a more successful surgical outcome. 

Sports injury and prevention rehabilitation

Our expert team takes a multi-disciplinary approach toward the evaluation, prevention and treatment of patient injuries.

Pre and post-natal exercise therapy

Pregnancy demands pre and post-natal healthcare and we are here to deliver! We offer a comprehensive suite of services such as tailored pelvic floor programs, abdominal and core strengthening tools, scar tissue management, and the treatment of musculoskeletal issues discovered.

Online group fitness session

In the unprecedented times of social disruption and the onset of the pandemic, we are equipped to meet the needs of the masses with our online sessions.

Online boot camp session

A fun and quirky way to get your body toned, fit and achieve those weight goals whether it is burning fat or increasing muscle

Fitness consultation

We develop a unique fitness program post conducting deep client analysis

Virtual coaching

We offer rehabilitation programs that can be accessed within the sanctity of your home by harnessing the power of technology.

Functional training

A novel rehabilitation technique to restore strength and proper movement of the musculoskeletal system that promises to make patients perform their daily activities in an easier fashion.

Sports specific assessment and training

Athletes will undergo rigorous evaluations post which a plan of action is devised on how to best meet and exceed the physical demands of the sport.

Mobility and flexibility training

We help you incorporate easy mobility and flexibility exercises into your daily routine to increase vascular health and better your quality of life.

Online Personal fitness training

A dedicated and certified personal trainer will guide you through the different workouts online.


Now clients can take Tele Rehab consultation online through phone of video session from one of our Physio Expert.


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